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Fabulous & 50: Milestone in Miami

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Join us for a memorable event where we will be celebrating our birthdays over the course of 5 magical days in MIAMI! Capture the spotlight with us 5 ladies, family and Elite Travel Group friends! We can’t wait to see you down there whether it’s mingling at the mixer or getting lit on the yacht! We know that everyone won’t make it, but those who can you won’t be disappointed! Celebrating 50 will never have been so epic!

Payment Schedule

(Guests with lower totals may end up paying off balances before Final Payment deadline. Single occupants rooming alone remit double payments; rates are based on double occupancy.)

Deposit (due 7/1/2020)


Payment 1 (due by 8/1/2020)


Payment 2 (due by 9/1/2020)


Payment 3 (due by 10/1/2020)


Payment 4 (due by 11/1/2020)


Payment 5 (due by 12/1/2020)


Payment 6 (due by 1/15/2021)


Payment 7 (due by 2/15/2021)


Payment 8 (due by 3/15/2021)


Payment 9 (due by 4/15/2021)


Final Payment (due by 5/15/2021)


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EVERY guest must complete required documents. All documents must be completed and faxed to 888.405.6477 in order to secure registration.

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