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Exotic Bliss Getaway 3 - Dubai

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EVERY guest must complete required documents. All documents must be completed and faxed to 888.405.6477 in order to secure registration.

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Join Elite Travel Group as we celebrate our 10-Year Anniversary bursting into International territory venturing to……DUBAI! We’ve heard the requests and we now deliver! We’re treating ourselves to  and venturing into the energetic vibes of the United Arab Emirates and Persian Gulf filled with beaches, exotic cultures, shopping and loads more! Don’t miss out on your opportunity to join friends and/or family for this exclusive group getaway that will have you talking about it throughout the year! Over a year to plan….and over a year to pay! Here are the details on how to lock in for your destination!


Dates:  Sunday, September 20th- Saturday, September 26th, 2020

Location: Dubai

Property: Conrad Dubai

Room Types: Single/Double/Triple/Quad Bed Option: King | Double


Property Options to Include (but not limited to):

  • Wi-Fi throughout the hotel

  • 3 Restaurants (Bliss 6, Ballaro, Cave)

  • Spa @ Conrad Dubai

  • Sport & Fitness

  • Concierge Desk (Tours, Transportation)

King Standard

1 Guest = $3850.00

2 Guest = $3390.00 each       

Double Standard

2 Guests = $3390.00 each      3 Guests = $31500.00 each

4 Guests = $2950.00 each

Group rates outside of 365 days are POSSIBLY subject to a company differential change rate; Guests will be updated on any slight increases OR decreases in package rates, if any at all.)easy.

Payment Schedule

(Single Occupants encouraged to pay double. It is recommended that guests pay more and more often than payment scheduled suggests.)

Deposit/Payment 1 (Registration kickoff starting 11/1/18)


Payment 2 (due no later than 12/15/18)


Payment 3 (due no later than 1/15/19)


Payment 4 (due no later than 2/15/19)


Payment 5 (due no later than 3/15/19)


Payment 6 (due no later than 4/15/19)


Payment 7 (due no later than 5/15/19)


Payment 8 (due no later than 6/15/19)


Payment 9 (due no later than 7/15/19)


Payment 10 (due no later than 8/15/19)


Payment 11 (due no later than 9/15/19)


Payment 12 (due no later than 10/15/19)


Payment 13 (due no later than 11/15/19)


Payment 14 (due no later than 12/15/19)


Payment 15 (due no later than 1/15/20)


Payment 16 (due no later than 2/15/20)


Payment 17 (due no later than 3/15/20)


Payment 18 (due no later than 4/15/20)


Payment 19 (due no later than 5/15/20)


Payment 20 (due no later than 6/15/20)


Final Payment (due no later than 7/15/20)


Please reload

(Guests with lower totals are subject to balance payoffs sooner than the schedule suggests)


Indulge in:

  • Burj Kahlifa

  • Aquaventure Waterpark Atlantis

  • Cultural Food Tours

  • IMG Indoor Theme Park

  • Dubai Palm Tour

  • Dubai Mall

  • And MORE!

Your 5-night stay guest-inclusive package includes:

  • 6 Day/5 Night hotel lodging @ Conrad Dubai

  • Breakfast 

  • Wi-Fi

  • Airfare

  • Airport Shuttle Transportation #

  • Desert Safari Excursion (Group Activity)

  • Dubai Water Canal Dinner Cruise (Group Activity)

  • ETG Super Travel Guest Packet

  • Group Activity Transportation

  • Standard taxes, tips and occupancy fees

 [Not Included: Room service charges, personal meals, in-town transportation]


  1. Approximately how long will the flight be? Approximately 17-18 hours (depending on your originating location).

  2. Does the package include transportation? Your package includes a 5-night hotel stay/taxes/occupancy fees, breakfast, wi-fi, flight, airport shuttle transportation, local transportation (for group-planned activities), transportation tips (for group-planned activities), safari activity, night dinner cruise and ETG guest packet.

  3. What’s NOT included in the package? Meals (outside of plane and hotel breakfast), local in-town transportation (outside of group activities), local excursions (outside of group planned activities), airfare luggage fees and insurance.

  4. What are the airfare luggage fees? 1st checked piece = FREE; 2nd checked piece = $75.00; 3rd checked piece = $200.00

  5. Why are we traveling in September versus during the summer? The average temperature between June to August is not the most ideal for tourists who would like to explore the city. During these months the average temperature is around 100 degrees. It’s not just hot. It is also very humid at this time.

  6. Is it possible to drink in Dubai? You can order alcohol from bars and clubs that have proper licenses. These establishments are usually physically attached to international hotels. Expat residents need to get a government-issued license to purchase alcohol from a licensed liquor shop. Drinking and driving are strictly illegal in Dubai. Among the penalties for this act include spending time in jail (around 1 month) and getting a heavy fine. It is illegal to drink in public. You will get jail time if you break this law. Keep in mind that your blood alcohol content should be zero while driving in Dubai.

  7. Is there a dress code in public areas? Generally, residents of Dubai dress the same way as in other cities around the world. Women-- It is recommended not to wear mini-skirts, baring tops, and short shorts. In more traditional areas such as villages and souks, markets and such other areas, short skirts are not considered appropriate for women, and long-skirts below knee length are preferred. Deep neck lines are strictly prohibited. Women do not have to cover their heads, faces and hair when in public, but when visiting a Mosque, women must cover their hair, bodies and legs, although covering the face is not a must.   Men –Shouldn’t wear shorts out in public, though are unlikely to be in trouble if they do; and no matter how hot it gets, must wear a shirt. T-shirts with offensive slogans or pictures, gestures, or obscene language that might cause religious or cultural offense are not acceptable. When visiting a Mosque, men are required to be dressed in long trousers.

  8. Is it possible to wear a bikini on the beach in Dubai? Tourists are allowed to wear appropriate swimwear when bathing on the beach. However, you are expected to wear normal clothing once you leave the beach area as a courtesy to the local Muslim population.

  9. Are there train cars reserved for women in Dubai? Like some countries, Dubai Metro trains have a dedicated section (a couple of cars) reserved only for female commuters. This policy is strictly enforced.  If you’re a man and you find yourself in the female car, you have to move quickly so you won’t upset residents. Avoid the fines by staying in the appropriate area on each train.

  10. Can you eat pork in Dubai? Non-Muslims can purchase pork from larger supermarket chains. There is a special section where it can be purchased. Hotel restaurants also have pork on their menus, and dishes with pork are labeled clearly.

  11. What is the minimum age for registration on this trip? Strongly suggested, however not mandatory, 21 years of age.

  12. What if I cancel my trip before the departure date? Am I eligible for any form of refund? With the purchase of ETG Travel Protection, you are eligible for a refund, minus the cost of insurance and any accrued payment late charges. Without insurance, please review your Cancel Agreement for refund calculated details.

  13. What if I wish to extend my stay past the group package? Due to the package details and future planning of the trip, we have prohibited package modification.

  14. What will the temperature be like during the time of our visit? Approximately 88 degrees.

  15. What is the time difference between the States and Dubai? 9 hours ahead of (CST).

  16. Will I have a problem communicating? Arabic is the official language in Dubai. However, English is spoken predominantly by almost everyone. English is spoken in corporate / professional settings as well as mostly in social settings. All street signs are in both English and Arabic as well.

  17. How do I Pay for Goods & Services? Use credit cards whenever possible. Master Card, Visa and American express are accepted in most places in Dubai. However, always carry some cash with you especially when shopping at the souks to be able to negotiate freely and get the best bargains.

  18. How much should I tip? When tipping, 10% on average is acceptable, although some restaurants include gratuities so always double check before leaving without tipping.

  19. What is the Currency/ Exchange Rate? The currency of Dubai is (Dhs or AED  Arab Emirate Dirham). One Dirham can be divided into 100 fils (the equivalent of cents) and the coins can be obtained in values of 1, 5, 10, 25, 50 fils and 1 Dirham. The notes come in denominations of 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500, and 1,000 Dirhams. It is suggested to always have Dhs 100 ready before leaving the airport in case you need cash for a hotel in Dubai, transportation and other smaller expenses here and there. Like the cases of most currencies, exchange rates may vary. But when markets are stable, the currency of Dubai is Dhs 3.65 per USD $ 1.  If you need to convert your Dirham to USD currency, you can exchange it in banks and exchange houses all over the city or go to the malls or some of the hotels in Dubai and you are sure to find one. It would be a good idea to exchange your currency at the airport since the Dubai airport has better exchange rates.

  20. What Religious observations should I be aware of?  Dubai is in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the UAE is a Muslim country. The culture is based on a deeply rooted belief in Islam and centers on the family. There are Mosques scattered throughout the city and you will hear the call to prayer alarm 5 times a day. Mosques are busiest on Fridays; the official religious day in Dubai.

  21. What are prohibited social behaviors?

    1. Public displays of affection are highly discouraged.

    2. Insubordination and misbehavior can land you behind bars.

    3. You should never drink alcohol in public and instead should keep it contained to the bars and restaurants.

    4. Drugs are strictly forbidden, if you are caught with drugs, or even have it in your bloodstream the minimum jail time is four years mandatory. That is four years before you will be able to go home again.

    5. There is no eating or drinking allowed on the metro and offenders can incur heavy fines.

  22. Am I free to take pictures/video? Taking pictures is widely accepted with the exception of photographing people. You should never take pictures of Muslim women, and for men, you should ask permission first which is usually granted. It is very offensive if you just take random pictures of people.

  23. Is the water safe to drink?  The tap water is usually safe but there is plenty of mineral water available in hotels and restaurants.

  24. What days are considered weekdays, weekends? Thursday and Friday are weekends in Dubai, though Friday is the only official holiday. Government offices and certain multinational companies are also closed on Saturday. Some small stores will open on Fridays late in the afternoon and larger retailers like grocery chains will remain open all day.

  25. Will I need a passport for this trip? YES, a passport is required for International travel.

  26. What does insurance protection cover? Insurance protection covers a guest that must forfeit their participation in the registered event for the reasons of loss of employment, extreme medical condition, death in the family, military obligation or substantive personal matters which could be legal ramifications. Documentation must be submitted to the Elite Travel Group offices at the time of guest’s cancel request AND guest must have signed Insurance Waiver opting for coverage and documented payment for the insurance package.

  27. What happens if my guest airfare exceeds the group package block? In the event that your personal airfare exceeds the negotiated group rate, guest will be notified of the variance and given the opportunity to satisfy the difference (to be factored into regular payment schedule).