Elite Rewards Membership

REFERRAL GUEST OPTION- Receive $10/$15 on each referred NEW guest who registers (with deposit) for any one of the future events.


LATE FEE EXEMPTION- Receive exclusion from all monthly late fees for payments made after the grace period.


FLEXPAY PLAN- Submit payments on ANY day within the given month that is convenient for your personal finances; Guest will not have to pay on the date of the event Payment Schedule.


DISCOUNT BENEFIT- Receive 10% off any selected event package.


NO DEPOSIT DEADLINE- Register for any preferred event minus submission of the deposit (Initial deposit can be made at any date within the Payment Schedule)


EVENT COMPS- Receive Elite Reward Comps during your registered event (i.e. drinks, appetizers, etc.)


COURTESY MONTH COMP- Select a month to “forego” with option to pay at a later date. (1 per event)



Become ELITE status beginning November 1st!

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