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Take advantage of an 'elite' experience by extending your interest in our new passenger bus transportation services! Whether you're linking up on one of our scheduled bus excursions or simply interested in booking a package for your personal transportation, we are able to give you competitive pricing and our normal excellent service!


Consider booking your next trip or event with us for planning to include:


  • Family Reunions

  • Class Reunions

  • Youth Sporting Trips

  • Corporate Travel

  • Church Events

  • Girls/Guys Trips

  • In-Town/Local Events

  • NFL Fan Club Trips


We have special pricing for hourly local/in-town events as well as standard daily packages for your out-of-town trips! Avoid having to take multiple vehicles out-of-town when you have an option to enjoy:


  • Hassle-free driving

  • DVD Player with 3 screens

  • Snack Pack (optional)


Take comfort in our transportation option with officially licensed drivers. We are federally regulated, state certified and operationally insured for your travel needs.


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