2021 | All-Wet Affair 12

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Join Elite Travel Group for an iconic Labor Day cruise event, All-Wet Affair Pt. 12- Social Sailing! Don’t miss 2 days on the exotic island of Bermuda all kicking off from out of fashion capital, New York! If you think we topped past events….you’re in for a vacation…A REAL vacation! Join us for……Part 12!


Dates: Monday, September 6  – Saturday September 11, 2021

Port Origin: New York, NY

Ports of Call: Kings Wharf, Bermuda  

Cabin Options: Interior, Ocean View & Balcony

Interior (No-Window/Port)

1 Guest = $1165 

2 Guests = $830 each

3 Guests = $750 each

4 Guests = $700 each

Ocean View (Porthole)

1 Guest = $1380 

2 Guests = $935 each

3 Guests = $800 each

4 Guests = $750 each

Balcony 8B (Walk-Out Balcony Area)

1 Guest = $1665

2 Guests = $1080 each

3 Guests = $950 each

4 Guests = $900 each

Rates include: cabin fare, port charges, government taxes, local fees, Cigar Sail-Off package, admission to the Tees on the Seas party, official event kickoff tees, access to the High Heels, Tank Tops & High Tops Day Party, $25 on-board cabin credit and MORE! (Not included: airfare, airport shuttle/transportation, gratuities, shore excursions, vendor booth fee) 


Insurance (Vacation Protection): Insurance is OPTIONAL for the vacation package. $65.00 per/person for Interior cabins, $79.00 per/person for Ocean View and $95.00 for Balcony cabins. Guests who opt for Vacation Protection will not be required to follow the Cancel Agreement guidelines. (Insurance payment must be satisfied within 45 days of initial deposit paid.)

Payment Schedule

(Guests with lower totals may end up paying off balances before Final Payment deadline. Single occupants rooming alone remit double payments; rates are based on double occupancy.)

Deposit (due 10/15/2020)


Payment 1 (due by 9/1/2020)


Payment 2 (due by 10/1/2020)


Payment 3 (due by 11/1/2020)


Payment 4 (due by 1/1/2021)


Payment 5 (due by 2/1/2021)


Payment 6 (due by 3/1/2021)


Payment 7 (due by 4/1/2021)


Payment 8 (due by 5/1/2021)


Payment 9 (due by 6/1/2021)


Payment 10 (due by 7/1/2021)


Payment 11 (due by 8/1/2021)


Payment 12 (due by 9/1/2021)


Final Payment (due by 10/1/2021)


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LATE REGISTRATION FEE: $25.00 assessed per/person AFTER October 15th; $50.00 AFTER February 1st. 

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