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2020 | Exotic Bliss Getaway 3 - Dubai

Join Elite Travel Group as we celebrate our 10-Year Anniversary bursting into International territory venturing to……DUBAI! We’ve heard the requests and we now deliver! We’re treating ourselves to  and venturing into the energetic vibes of the United Arab Emirates and Persian Gulf filled with beaches, exotic cultures, shopping and loads more!

2020 | Rock the Yacht Pt. 4

Few are invited....Very few will register! It's back!!! Again!!! The electrifying 2020 Rock the Yacht Pt. 4 - Elite Affair Weekend taking place Friday, June 19th - Sunday, June 21st, 2020! Your summer kickoff! This year’s host city….MIAMI! Yes, we are lining up the event and returning to the live vibes of Miami! We're rolling out another A-List exclusive weekend to our top-notch guests! ETG provides its own exclusive event catered solely for our own!

2020 | Essence Music Festival Weekend

Get Rest...Get Ready....Get Registered! The gates have opened up for the 2020 Essence Music Festival Weekend! Catch your top R&B, Hip-Hop, Jazz and Neo-Soul artists gathered in 1 vicinity! Take advantage of watching your popular comedians! Capture hearing key speakers! Witness engaging in some of New Orleans' popular restaurants for some of the flavorful dishes or explore the historic areas and culture of the city! Don't just select any weekend to get to New Orleans.....plan on being there 4th of July weekend 2020!

2021 | AWA 11 Super Bowl Cruise

Coming Soon - Beale to Bourbon

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